Welcome to Chaos Central

Sami does stuff. Sami (that’s me, by the way) does a LOT of stuff. Sometimes people care about that stuff. This is where you can find out about ALL of the stuff and decide whether or not you are one of the people who cares to know about all of said stuff.

A non-comprehensive list of aforementioned stuff. Sami is:

  • An Actress
  • A Playwright
  • A writer (of stuff other than just plays)
  • A wife
  • A saponifier (fancy, hoity-toity name for soapmaker)
  • A Small Business owner
  • A mom/step-mom/foster-mom/kitty-doggo-mom
  • A producer/writer/star of a webseries about the aforementioned small business/soapmaking
  • A mediocre knitter
  • An occasional theatre producer
  • An occasional theatre director
  • This yahoo


Very often, there is something big and exciting (relatively speaking) happening. Find out about that here.

Thanks for stopping by. We will try to make it worth your while.